OpulenceDaze launched over a year ago, as a thought-catcher blog. Its main purpose is to share content on psychology, self-improvement and entrepreneurship. 

As of lately, you can also find all things beauty on the left sidebar, under the blog name: BeautyCovetteur. The BeautyCovetteur is launched for the main purpose of sharing news and ideas on issues like health, beauty, fitness and fashion. It is meant to be a lifestyle blog, mainly focusing on matters of wellness, such would be how to amplify your outside and inside beauty.

Also another blog is added on 16 June '17 called: Blogging Tips on which I share all the tips and tricks I have learned through my blogging career. 

If you enjoy the blog and the content, I would politely ask you to share with your friends.

The goal is to inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves. 

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