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How to Write a Brilliant Essay that will get an A+?

How to Write a Brilliant Essay that will get an A+?

Think of the essay as your own body. Mouth takes food, tastes it, finds out what it is, then passes it to your stomach. This is the introduction part.

You stomach processes the food, takes the needed nutrients, passes them to the blood or down to your bowels. This is the body part.

The bowels and the blood are the conclusion part. The blood refers to the ideas that stick, that make the whole essay be what it is meant to be. The bowels take out of the essay the unnecessary things.

This means, if some ideas that you have put in the body part do not make it through the conclusion, do not fit in the conclusion, cut them out. You do not need them, as your own body does not need some food’s remaining. They will only do harm, not good.

Essays can be distinguished in: formal essays and informal essays.

Informal essays are essays that often are poorly written, often containing jokes, or it is written to be a sarcastic view upon something. They do not have a point, and they do not emphasize any particular argument.

Formal essays are the types of essays you will need to present your topic, or to fulfill that literature homework. It is full of arguments, well-written reasons, points of views, and based opinions. This is what we are learning to write: the formal essays.

how to write an excellent essay?

Topic based, the essays can be historical, philosophical, scientific, etc.

The major districts of essays are:

• Narrative [a circumstance teller]

• Descriptive [what a person, feeling, objects looks like, tastes like, feels like…]

• Argumentative [why this, why that, why not, why yes…]

• Comparative[evaluating]

• Informative [explaining]

• The basic essay.

It is called the basic essay, because it is really the base. You can write any topic under it. Let me teach you something about the structure.

How to write the Introduction of the Essay?

Introduction — it is the part where you show the topic to your reader, you introduce. The trick is: you do not re-write the topic. This is the common mistake everyone makes. You show the topic with other words, by explaining a phenomenon, or by picturing a life motion of the day.

The topic makes you think: is not it so obvious how? Why should I write about this topic? What can I write? Everybody knows the answer. I have nothing new to share.

In fact, there are things to share. The fact that everybody is aware of it, does not mean you cannot share your opinion. Write whatever you feel like writing. Write however you see the problem. It is your opinion, it is your essay.

Another thing not to do in your introduction part is to write long sentences, a whole paragraph, or very short sentences. If you have one sentence only, and it is short, write another one. If your first sentence is long, it is more than enough. Jump to the body part.

Introduction it is only to show the topic, to drive people in the topic, and a little in your ideas.

What goes into the Body of the essay?

Body — this is where the deal is made. This is the part where you show your whole potential. Body must be no less than 3 whole paragraphs. When I say whole paragraph I mean: a paragraph that has at least 3 sentences, well written sentences. The first sentence is about your reason. The second sentence supports your reason. The third sentence leads to the next paragraph, the next reason.

The first paragraph is about status sharing, letting people in their world, in their mind, every second. The third sentence of the first paragraph links to the second paragraph: Photoshop mania. Young people are obsessed with their looks. Get the point?

How to end the essay? How to write the Conclusion?

Conclusion — this is where the trick lies. Your reader will not remember the beginning, but they will remember the end! Conclusion is created by 3–4 sentences. The first one reminds reader the topic once more. The second one concludes the reasons again. Be careful, do not try to explain them again, you did the explaining in the body part. The third sentence states your opinion.

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