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New Year's Best Resolutions!

New Year's Best Resolutions!

You wished for it in 2011, you promised to do it in 2013, you bet you would do it in 2015, but you're still writing it in the new list of the upcoming year 2017. Whether these years have been marvelous, with lots of opportunities, lots of surprises, lovers, friends, or even none of them, the Resolutions have remained just like that: promises for a change that will never come, unless you change something deep down yourself, obviously.

I confess to have written a list* of New Year's Resolution at some point in my life, just for the sake of it. But, I did not ever fulfilled them all at that year, or at once. See, the problem with these New Year's Resolutions, no matter the number 2012, or 2014, or 2017, or even 2030, is that you promise yourself and the whole world that you will come up with something new, that you will make a change at once.

At this point, just on the New Year's Eve, scientists have come up with the best kind of Resolutions you can ever make, and even better: maintain!

1. Start by shopping smarter. That means saving some money by using app that tell you in no time [just by scanning the bar-code] where you can find that piece of clothing at lower price.

2. Stop the negativity. Your words and thoughts are more powerful than you think [read here on how it influences you], so make a promise to yourself, to become a better you this year. Cut the bullshit.

3. If a weight loss or workout all-year-round kind of line will ever make your list, then you better change your mindset and treat those workouts like a special date with yourself. You do not cancel your special date with you!

4. Learn to apply the right makeup* for your face. Also just stop pulling your eye's corners, it creates wrinkles, and we do not want that!

5. Do not forget to hydrate a lot, take some de-stress, detox baths*, and take care of your skin and nails. If you want to make a drastic change, then try it out in your hair. Try out a new color or a new haircut. It will completely change your mood, your behavior, and may just give you the right amount of confidence. Cheers :)

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