I am a freelancer writer and photographer. Sometimes I try my hand on drawing, or designing. I love everything related to books, fashion, beauty, elegance and femininity.

But not even once do I claim [at least for as long as I am not certificated] that I am a professional.

Neither are my opinions what you must follow. What I write are only suggestions. 

What may work for me, does not necessarily mean that will work for you too. Everybody is different, and this is the root of all misconceptions. 

Every word is mine; and if it is not, I will state it clearly

Regarding photos that I use on my blog, I will state if they are not mine, but if I am wrong about the source and the photo is yours, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I will make the necessary changes.

Please be informed the OpulenceDaze site is protected by Copyright law. Any infringement will be taken care properly and issued as necessary.